Invited Talks

CEPC TDR Status and SppC Progess – Chenghui Yu (IHEP)

Ion Collider Precision Measurements With Different Species – Gregory Marr (BNL)

Progress with the High Luminosity LHC Programme at CERN – Lucio Rossi (CERN)

Particle Physics at the High Energy Frontier With the Next Electron-Positron Collider – Hiroaki Aihara (Uiversity of Tokyo)

Luminosity performance of the SuperKEKB collider – Akio Morita (KEK)


Status of the MAX-IV Project – Pedro Tavares (MAX IV)

Overview of Light Source Developments in Asia – Dong Wang (SINAP)

Development of the Vertically Polarizing Hard X-Ray Undulator Segments for the Linear Coherent Light Source Upgrade (LCLS-II) Project – Matthaeus Leitner (LBNL)

XFEL Operational Flexibility due to the Dechirper System – Alberto Lutman (SLAC)

Stable and Brilliant Self-Seeded XFEL at SACLA – Ichiro Inoue (RIKEN Spring-8)

XFEL Performance Achieved at PAL-XFEL – Heung-Soo Lee (PAL)

Control of Laser Plasma Accelerated Electrons: A Route for Compact FELs – Marie-Emmanuelle Couprie (SOLEIL)

MeV Ultrafast Electron Diffraction and Microscopy for the Scientific Frontier – Dao Xiang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

From Dream to Reality: Prospects for Applying Advanced Accelerator Technologies to Next Generation Scientific User Facilities – Massimo Ferrario (INFN/LNF)

20 Years of Laser Ion Acceleration: Review and Recent Advances – Bjorn Hegelich (University of Texas at Austin)

LHC Injectors Upgrade Project: Towards New Territory Beam Parameters – Malika Meddahi (CERN)

Overview of Worldwide High Intensity Heavy Ion Linacs – Ulrich Ratzinger (IAP)

Operation Status and Upgrade of CSNS – Shinian Fu (IHEP)

Operations Experience of SNS at 1.4MW and Upgrade Plan of Doubling the Beam Power – John Galambos (ORNL)

Challenges to Higher Beam Power in J-PARC: Achieved Performance and Future Prospects – Susumu Igarashi (KEK)

Beam Dynamics Study in the HEPS Storage Ring – Yi Jiao (IHEP)

Microbunch Rotation and Coherent Undulator Radiation From a Kicked Electron Beam – James MacArthur (Stanford University)

Beam Shaping Via 6D Phase-Space Manipulation – Yine Sun (ANL)

Building the Impedance Model of a Real Machine – Benoit Salvant (CERN)

Symplectic Period Three Implies Chaos – Timofey Zolkin (Fermilab)

RF Controls Towards Femtosecond and Attosecond Precision – Frank Ludwig (DESY)

Machine Learning, Data Mining and Big Data Handling for Accelerators – Sandra G. Biedron (Element Aero and the University of New Mexico)

Optics Measurements at SuperKEKB Using Beam Based Calibration for BPM and BBA – Hiroshi Sugimoto (KEK)

Superconducting RF for the future: Is Nb3Sn ready for next-generation accelerators? – Matthias Liepe (CLASSE)

SRF Operation at XFEL: Lessons Learned After More Than One Year – Denis Kostin (DESY)

Lasers for Novel Accelerators – Leonida Gizzi (INO-CNR)

High Performance ECR Sources for Next-Generation Nuclear Science Facilities – Daniela Leitner (LBNL)

Review of Ion Therapy Machine and Future Perspective – Koji Noda  (NIRS)

Applications of Particle Accelerators – Angeles Faus-Golfe (LAL)

Development of Accelerator Driven Advanced Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Fuel Recycling – Hushan Xu (INP/CAS)