Diversity in Accelerator Science and Engineering

IPAC 19 is pleased to announce a special session on Diversity in Accelerator Science and Engineering on Wednesday 22 May between 18:30- 20:00.  This event will be open to all delegates, regardless of gender, background or seniority, with no ticket required to attend.

This session will explore the topics of diversity and inclusivity in accelerator science and engineering, including a focus on the role of public engagement. We will feature two presentations and then explore actions that participants can take during or after the conference to promote diversity and enhance public awareness of accelerator science and engineering. Both presentations will allow time for Q and A.

The first presentation from Dr. Robert Appleby (University of Manchester) will be on new methods of engaging visually impaired (VI) children and adults in accelerator science by the creation of the Tactile Collider model. This model has been developed with VI experts and consultations and implemented in a UK touring event called Tactile Collider, visiting VI schools and centres around the country in 2018 and 2019.

The keynote presentation will be given by Professor Cordelia Fine (University of Melbourne). Professor Fine is an academic psychologist and writer, author of award-winning books including Delusions of Gender, A mind of its Own and Testosterone Rex. She was awarded the Edinburgh Medal 2018, a prestigious award that recognises scientists who have excelled in their field and contributed significantly to our understanding of humanity. She received the award for her work in challenging gender bias in science for her contributions to public debates about gender equality.

In this presentation, Cordelia Fine will discuss the deep reach and legacy of the view that men are ‘thinkers’ and women are ‘feelers’. The influence of these gender stereotypes can be seen in the perceived ‘fit’ of men versus women in traditionally masculine domains like physics, and even in the science that purports to show that males are biologically predisposed to understand the world, while females are predisposed to understand people.

The special session will be held in Plenary Theatre 3 from 18:30. There will be drinks and canapés available in the foyer beforehand alongside the APS ‘Meet the Editors’ event. 

Cordelia Fine

IPAC19 Diversity in Accelerator Science and Engineering Edit-a-thon

This edit-a-thon runs concurrently with:

The 10th International Particle Accelerator Conference
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Participants of this project will aim to generate new and updated content targeting notable particle accelerator physicists, sciences and facilities. All are welcome no matter your level of wiki editing experience. Participants will choose which pages to edit according to their interest and area of expertise.

Our aim is to increase the visibility of our diverse community of accelerator physicists and their contribution to science. We’re asking as many people as possible to take part in this activity where we aim to generate Wikipedia content in the particle accelerator space.

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